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Re: Taking control of the documentary situation, an immodest proposal

I agree - and I'm not a scientist, but an animator.
as I mentioned at svpow, these might be some valid ways to concretely design leverage within such an effort:

1) Inform yourself. Note the companies that work in dodgy ways. And more importantly, note the companies that work conscientiously (I can recommend mdtv). Refuse to work with the former, do work with the latter.

2) Demand conditional release contracts. A publisher must have your written consent before using interview material. These are always written up and signed in advance of the interview. If the company you are working with isn’t on one of the lists above, demand a clause that gives you release rights – ie. at least one edit review session. After which you can refuse specific segments if you feel they misrepresent you. Be prepared and willing to be turned down.

4) Make your own films.This is not as crazy as it sounds. If papers supply there own visuals in the form of illustrations and animations - as did the one on /Quetzalcoatlus -/ the media will incorporate those and the public will be innundated. There are artistic ample resources out there - artists such as those at ArtEvolved, universities, cg institutes and animators such as myself. Financial structures can be developed.... and there is an expenditure in educating that artist to the point where the artwork is meaningful. But the expenditure is in your hands, and as such is subject to your design.

David Maas

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