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RE: Taking control of the documentary situation, an immodest proposal

This was going to be one of my suggestions - only I'd say standardise
the format - have an easy-to-follow set of broadcast quality guidelines
for the recording (easy nowadays) - and make the resulting clips
available for download at full quality and public domain so they can be
used in any documentary.

Furthermore, I'd also suggest that rather than editorial control, there
should be a set of safeguards on the accuracy of the material - which
producers can use to make judgements.

Also, that the videos should be hosted on a dml site which can include
other material useful for documentary makers.

It will cost money - but not a lot of money and it's achievable - That
is if people are really serious about wanting to raise the level of
understanding amongst the public.


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Many here have commented that paleontologists should make their own
documentaries. I don't think that's really practical, but there is an
alternative... Youtube. Some paleoexpert could set up a channel like a
dinosaur-fixated Tetrapod Zoology in video form. Short ten minute clips
that are accurate, interesting, and importantly, under the full
editorial control of the paleontologist.

Or perhaps it could be a collective endeavor: DMLTalkingHeads- a shared
dinosaur themed youtube channel where a new video by a different member
is uploaded daily. That would be cool and probably not too hard to pull

~ Abyssal