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Re: Taking control of the documentary situation, an immodest proposal

What about making a Youtube documental with guidelines for documental
makers, expliciting all the NOs you want they to accept?

Also, from what Dale McInnes said, what if, when they do a bad
documentary, you make adocumentary called "The lies in (Documentary
XXX)" denying all false statements? It will not even need CGI, you can
show, in addition to your head, some drawings/bone photos in order to
show, for example that some bone is not strong enough for some
behaviour, and then show the differences with the bones of taxa which
presents that behaviour.

The polemic title, in addition to the sole purpose of criticism, will
be sufficient to attract attention. Shortness of the documentary may
be also an advantage for keeping attention if you do not have CGI.
Now, if your funding depends from these corporations, I suppose you
should have to talk before about what you are going to do in case of
they not respecting your sayings.