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Re: New fossil discoveries review, 2009

Ah yeah. This one got truncated, because Thunderbird is so stupid... When you click on the "reply" button, Outlook Express formats the reply the same way (plain text or HTML) as the original (and allows you to change that manually later). Thunderbird instead formats them like the default for new messages; and when you set that to plain text, you cannot compose HTML messages _at all_ anymore -- the setting in the menu disappears. <headdesk> Therefore I leave the default at HTML and change _every single_ message I send to the DML to plain text (_and_ rewrap the lines, which I have to do separately in Thunderbird...) after I create it. Except this one, which was sent in HTML only -- I must have clicked a few millimeters too far down.


Rescued from truncation (it was sent as both plain text and HTML)...

 Among the 20 new fossils
 discovered in China were the remains of a
 new type of flying reptile that lived more than 160 million years
 ago. The find is named *Darwinopterus, for Charles Darwin, and* *is
 estimated to be 10 million years older than Archaeopteryx,
 previously thought to be the first known bird.*

 ... What?

 First of all, *Darwinopterus *is a Pterosaur, right? And how can
 something be "previously thought to be the first known bird?"

Yes, of course it's a pterosaur -- there are still journalists out there who don't know that birds aren't pterosaurs, you see. And yes, the wording at the end is a bit clumsy.

Any _news_ in there? :-)

 - Alex
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> Good photo review from the Tribune:
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