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Just add dinosaur Pt.2

  Thanks to everyone who suggested places to film a dinosaur show!  The 
suggestions were all forwarded to the scouts and they are acting on some 
promising places.  Brian and Ralph, that means you.  

  One of our Coordinating Producers, Carolina Pacheco ( who does care about 
getting it right) asked me to pass this on.

   >I am working with Dave Krentz  on a dinosaur documentary for Discovery 
Channel, and we're currently looking for possible locations to film our back 
plates for the program.
  The challenge with dinosaur shows is always finding large open spaces with no 
manicured lawns in the middle or edge of these wonderfully other-worldly, 
exotic forests. <

  In a phone conversation she noted that she was concerned about finding places 
with little or no grass with good Mesozoic looking trees in the background.  
When you have 80 foot dinosaurs walking around and you need to place the camera 
in many different places a dense forest is not the ideal place.  Theres some 
good places here in Northern California, but it is rainy season here.  The 
Southern Hemisphere looks promising though.

  Speaking as an art director I'd love to find places with that "no one cleans 
up around here" look that Doug Henderson captures so nicely.  So many docs have 
dinos out in the bright sunlight because of what I mentioned above.  I'd love 
to find a place with fallen logs, deadfall, jumbled piles of debris from 
flooding etc that can create dark foreground elements without having to truck 
in a bunch of cycads and ferns or composite them in.  

You can reply off list if you like and I can forward any suggestions that way.  
Anyways, this topic tilts towards entertainment and not science ;-)