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Re: Tethyshadros name issues

Lee Hall <paleeoguy@gmail.com> wrote:

> You're really going to bark up this
> tree?  The name is in print.  It's
> done.  You're beating a dead horse.

I guess by "dead horse" you're NOT referring to the _Hyracotherium_ vs 
_Eohippus_ naming issue.  ;-)

Actually, I enjoy these "story behind the name" posts.  It's often interesting 
to know what thought processes (or in some cases, the lack thereof) that go 
into coining a name.  For example, it never occurred to me that _Archelon was 
derived from arkhos "ruler" + khelonos "sea turtle".

I would add that, in general, authors probably shouldn't rely on reviewers or 
editors to correct the prospective name of a new taxon.  I don't have 
_Tethyshadros_ in mind (which seems correctly formed) - I'm thinking of awful 
monikers such as _Gigantspinosaurus_, _Aberratiodontus_, and _Confuciusornis_.  
As Tom said, firing off a quick email to Ben Creisler can save you from a world 
of pain further down the line.