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Re: Taking control of the documentary situation, an immodest proposal

 Really? Beacuse unless I'm mistaken -- and including Matt's offered
 illustration, which argues the purpose of the swollen cavity is
 unknown (his word) -- It actually differs from a quote-mine because
 they cut OFF a whole segment past the first statement. Nothing was
 moved about, nor was it "chopped up" in the sense that what is stated
 is misconstrued. What it was is that the caveats that normally go
 along with popularistic discussions or press releases are simply
 omitted, as is the actual data regarding the swollen cavity.

For crying out loud, Jaime!

Matt explained the "2nd brain" idea at some length, and then proceeded to show why it's wrong. Dangerous Ltd. omitted the comma I just wrote and everything behind it. This fits the definition of quote-mining perfectly. The textbook example of quote-mining is the creationist practice of (correctly!) citing the passage of On the Origin of Species where Darwin explains that the camera eye seems difficult or impossible to evolve and then omitting the next several pages where Darwin proceeds to explain how it could have happened despite it looking counterintuitive at first.

As I commented on yesterday's SV-POW! post, however, I do agree with you that this quote mine may not have been deliberate. Based on their notpology, I think they were too stupid to understand that Matt ended up arguing _against_ the "2nd brain" idea -- they thought he was arguing _for_ it and just fluffing it up with cautionary language or something. They didn't listen to what they were recording, they didn't read the transcript, and they didn't listen to what they were broadcasting. It's hard to imagine that such people -- literate adults in business -- are even _capable_ of such stupidity, but here's the evidence. :-|