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Re: What do you do other than paleontology?

Right now, paleoart is my free time. (Also: badminton, running, swimming, snorkeling when I have the chance) I'm an illustrator / animator by day, and teach part time at the Institute of Animation, Filmakademie near Stuttgart, Germany. My speciality is production management, my passion is non-photorealistic rendering and specifically, the marriage of hand-drawn animation and 3D technologies. Encounters with fossil collectors in this fossil-wealthy region inspired me to look into paleoart. There are a lot of similarities with cg communities - from nicknames, reputations, specific and passionate taxa or software affinities - favorite quote: "I only collect Cretacious ammonites. Leave these lizard bones to the foot-folk." I guess I'm drawn to paleoart because I'm tired of all this empty entertainment. ie. Have a seat, here's your popcorn. Now - here's your cute little mascot, buy our product. Here's an exciting beasty, give us your money." And likewise, all the egos demanding artistic expression and delivering consumption blocks. I feel I've played a part of the dumbing-down of the audience and - mind you - Germany is not nearly as dumbed down as the states. So... pay back time. My dream is a real-time, interactive diorama in a detailed, drawn style that is immediately immersive, and offers as much scientifically sound, presentationally meaningful material as the visitor is willing to explore.

Unfortunately, I have LOTS to learn and am in full recognition that I'm just an artist. I was at a Steinbruch with one of the collectors and he sees a bump in the stone. (me blinks) It was nothing, just a bump. He jumps up and says "oh, that's a blablabla" and immediately knows in which direction to break the stone to reveal a cycad seed case. That's knowledge.

Tor Bertin wrote:
Question says pretty much all of it: beyond your paleontology related academic interests, what else do you do in your free time (or if it applies, professional time)?