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Re: What do you do other than paleontology?

Looks like some translation is in order.

 "I only collect Cretac[e]ous ammonites. Leave these lizard bones to
 the foot-folk."

That is, those that walk into battle instead of riding there. Those that are not knights. The unwashed masses.




I read a lot on everything interesting (mostly on the Internet), which includes some subdisciplines of linguistics (phonetics/phonology, and phylogenetics -- "historical linguistics" they call it). Being an autodidact (far enough to understand the literature, that is -- not to contribute to it) is fairly easy these days, with Wikipedia and the occasional accessible pdf of primary literature... and there are things on Google Books you wouldn't believe.

I spend way too much time reading and discussing on a small number of blogs (about everything interesting), but I must say I learn a lot in the process.

Every few months I have a phase when I play a lot of Minesweeper... no more sophisticated games are available here & now, but I'd like to play a lot of Caesar III and Civilization II, III, and IV-Beyond The Sword. Haven't had a chance to ever play the last one.