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Re: Dino-Venom!

(Sarcasm alert)
The two-hour documentary on these venomous dinosaurs is scheduled to be simulcast tomorrow on National Geographic HD and the Discovery Channel HD, fully illustrated with exciting hyper-realistic computer animation of the entire venom system in action, proving that just one of these theropods could kill the largest known sauropods with a single bite. More deadly than the largest T. rex (!) or giant pliosaur (!!). Narration by Stacy Keach (!!!). Animation so real it must be true (!!!!). Script by Ed Wood.


Matt Demski wrote:
Haven't seen any one else post this one, so I thought I'd put it up. I
haven't read the paper (if there even is one yet), but it definitely
seems interesting.


We just need to add a frill and find some evidence that it could spit
that venom, and Jurassic Park will be that much more accurate :P