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RE: Additional material on the Sinornthosaurus venom report

Denver Fowler wrote-

> there's a slightly better image of the teeth here:
> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/12/091221212630.htm
> Mmm... almost certainly hanging out of their sockets. Is this another case of 
> PNAS not having reviewed papers? It's not at all unusual to find depressed 
> areas such as this in theropod tooth roots.

I agree, those are quite common.  And even real grooves on the crown aren't 
uncommon in theropods- Ceratosaurus, baryonychines, Paronychodon, etc..  Since 
it's written by Martin and Burnham, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't know 
what they were talking about.  The only depressions on the maxilla ("for a 
venom gland") are the antorbital fossa and the fossa within it around the 
promaxillary fenestra, both odd places to put a venom gland.  The lateral ridge 
below the antorbital fossa doesn't connect with either fossa or the teeth 
themselves except perhaps via the neurovascular foramina.  Next thing you know, 
troodontids will be venomous because of their deep labial dentary groove with 
foramina. ;)  Suppose we'll see the paper soon enough.
Mickey Mortimer
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