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Re: Unorthodoxies in Reptilian Phylogeny [Romer 1971]

Not so long time ago I've read a 1925 article by Siemiradzki, a famous Polish paleontologist, at that time - unfortunatelly - enhanced by works of French, Albert Gaudry. The paper was on the evolution of the vertebrates. Some of the most interesting statements: birds come from sauropods, doplhins - from ichthyosaurs, whales - mosasaurs, ungulates - ceratopsians, pholidotans - stegosaurians, glyptodonts - pareiasaurs, pterosaurs are monotremates or marsupials. Vertebrates (fish) are polyphyletic, and come from different groups of arthropods (eurypterids, trilobites, Triops)!
I wonder how soon we will be laught.