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Re: Venom in Sinornithosaurus

>> And if in a million years there were no snakes, and if a few lizard
>> species went extinct, we'd be saying reptiles shouldn't be venomous
>> by that logic as well.
> More than just 'a few' lizard species would have to have become extinct.
> It's been estimated that up to 100 lizard species world-wide might be
> venomous to some degree, based on the varanid and iguanian species that
> venom glands have been identified in so far.

In addition, these "if" scenarios require us putting aside evidence we
have. Sure, other hypotheses would be more likely if most the data
favored them, but the data happens to support the other viewpoint, and
science is supposed to follow the data we have instead of that we may
have had.

Anyway, although if all extant tetrapods were non-venomous, it would
be the most parsimonious to accept all crown-group tetrapods were
non-venomous. But, most parsimonious does not mean more true, as said
by David M. (if I remember correctly). Just requiring less