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Re: Unorthodoxies in Reptilian Phylogeny [Romer 1971]

Good. I'm glad to see some "bites " on this one.

If Diadectomorpha is the sister group to Amniota, which genus in both are 
sister taxa (or closest to the node)?

Why are Solenodonsaurus and Procolophon not considered close to this group (see 

from D. Marjanovic: 

        |--*Ambedus* (or: How Not to Form a Latin Noun From a Verb)

If Westlothiana is the basalmost lepospondyl, which genera are its closest 
sister taxa? 

Why not Paleothyris?

If Macrocnemus is an archosaurosaurormorph, which taxon is its closest sister 

Why not Jesairosaurus?

David Peters
St. Louis