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Re: Ceratosaurus, venom or no?

As do some phytosaurs from the Late Triassic.....

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IIRC, there are some sauropod teeth known with longitudinal grooves in
the lingual face; I hope no-one's going to propose that they also
indicate venom.

2009/12/24 James Stearns <jstea003@odu.edu>:
> All this talk of venom in sinornithosaurs reminded me of some other
> Notably, fang-like dentition and grooved teeth are also known from
> Ceratosaurus, the former in all species (the Western Paleo juvie wth
> maxillary teeth long enough to overhang the lower jaw comes to mind)
> and the latter in C. dentisulcatus, specifically named for the grooves
> in its teeth. I may be going out on a limb here, but what of the
> possibility that C. dentisulcatus had a venomous bite? It would be a
> good way of bringing down sauropods.