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Re: Venom in Sinornithosaurus

> Actually vipers are the only venomous vertebrate group that I can think of, 
> that show an association of venom with a slow and "sluggish" lifestyle (hmm, 
> I suppose lionfish do too, though that's a bit different). The other major 
> venomous snake group (Elapidae) is composed of cursorial animals.

Well, perhaps helodermatids and Komodo dragons can be seen as
sluggish, more so the former, disputably the latter. But, as far as I
know, helodermatids do not prey in fast-moving animals, at least not
when they are not asleep.

In the invertebrate world, you can also be sluggish and venomous if
having a spider web, or some similar device, but have to be at least
fast to attack when the prey is close, as vipers, Conus snails and