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Re: FW: Test "results"...

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 10:00, Saint Abyssal <saint_abyssal@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I also like the idea of the change to a forum-based discussion center. 
> However, there may be an issue of convenience for our busier members. They 
> seem fond of the list as it is because the messages are sent directly to 
> their inbox. I haven't been an active forum-goer for some time now, would 
> there be a way to keep the convenience of a mailing list for some members, 
> while the rest participate in the traditional way at the forum? The ability 
> to receive notifications of new threads by email and post by email might make 
> the prospect more appealing to members fond of the mailing list format.

Forums are just awful compared to mailing lists. You have to visit the
site, you have to log in, and they promote the over-use of images,
emoticons, avatars, and large signatures, all of which are distractions
from the topic. There is generally no good/easy way to filter forum
posts. You can't effectively save a forum and read it offline.

Forums also have a very different culture from mailing lists, which I
think is almost as much a result of their differences, as it is a result
of different founding groups.

Now, there apparently are Mailing List/NNTP to Forum bi-directional
gateways. If these where good enough, things might work out. I have
never see one of these in action, but is seems like a moderately
difficult coding problem, with lots of edge cases and such, so I am
not very confident of their quality.

The one exception is Google Groups. It is not really a forum, rather
it is a descendant-in-spirit of the DejaNews web interface to Usenet.
With modern Google groups, you have a system built from the ground
up to integrate mail, nntp and web. Of course, you have to be willing to
do business with Google, and some people are reluctant to do that.

Kelly Clowers