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Re: Forum (was Re: FW: Test "results"...)

To sixth or whatever, I agree that the mailing list format works much better 
than a web-based forum for something like the Dinosaur list. I simply don't go 
to forums or blogs very often because I have to GO there. The DML comes right 
to me, and if somebody wants to mention a blog or forum posting with photos and 
all, they can past in a link and I'll go there if it sounds interesting and I 
have time.  

At 2:11 PM -0500 12/31/09, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
>Saint Abyssal wrote:
>> I also like the idea of the change to a forum-based discussion center.
>> However, there may be an issue of convenience for our busier members. They
>> seem fond of the list as it is because the messages are sent directly to
>> their inbox. I haven't been an active forum-goer for some time now, would
>> there be a way to keep the convenience of a mailing list for some members,
>> while the rest participate in the traditional way at the forum? The
>> ability to receive notifications of new threads by email and post by email
>> might make the prospect more appealing to members fond of the mailing list
>> format.
>Precisely. You will lose many members (me included) if this goes forum-based.
>And for Pete's sake, it isn't like there aren't a few godzillion
>dinosaur-based forum out there for those who want them!

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