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Re: Test "results"...

 None of these test result messages, nor Alan's response, came in the
 format David returned it in. I do get the line breaks that Don
 posted, but those were on his end as well. I wonder then what David's
 system, output, and management is to constantly force truncation?

You mean the originals weren't truncated when you got them? That's normal.

Because my Outlook Express (for Windows XP) somehow refuses to display the latest messages of my bloated inbox, I had to change to Thunderbird. Being _not Microsoft_ and proud of it, Thunderbird insists on conforming to the standards, no matter how silly they are. Many mail programs -- Thunderbird included -- send all messages twice in one, in multipart MIME format, which means the first part is plain text and the second is the same message again in HTML. The listproc software replaces the HTML part by the "truncated" message, resulting in an e-mail which contains the message in plain text followed by the "truncated" message. Intelligent mail programs, including even Mucuswaft Outbreak Expose, display the text part. The standard, however, is to display the second part, and that's the "truncated" message. Thunderbird conforms to the standard. And Thunderbird is more and more popular because it's _not Microsoft_.

Thunderbird graciously allows access to the source text, which includes both parts, when you press Ctrl+U, but the source text tends to be displayed with line breaks in stupid places and miscodings like "=20".

Does this answer your question?