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Dinosaur art feedback

Dear List,

I recently set up an online portfolio of my dinosaur and science art
here: http://vitalcreations.carbonmade.com/ and would value any
comments or critiques from a scientific or artistic perspective.

I have also begun an art blog to exhibit my sketchbook and artistic
process here: http://vitalcreations.blogspot.com/  I've been posting
about the scientific choices that go into making dinosaur art, and any
comments from listers would be great.


Demetrios Vital

P.S.  Sauropod folks, I would definitely love feedback about this
piece: http://vitalcreations.carbonmade.com/projects/2210878#11,
theropod folks, what do you think?:
http://vitalcreations.carbonmade.com/projects/2210878#1, pterosaur
comments on this piece?: