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2007 or 2008?

*Dear list:

Here I come again with the same subject. I'm writing an article about the new argentinian dinosaurs taxons published in the year 2008 and I find a problem with the references about Muyelensaurus pecheni Gonzalez Riga Calvo and Porfiri, 2008 and Macrogryphosaurus gondwanicus Calvo, Porfiri and Novas, 2008 that appears in the Arquivos do Museu Nacional (do Río do Janeiro) 65(4) journal. The problem is that this journal it's refered to the year 2007 but it really appears avaible to the global paleontological comunity in 2008. The question is: I've to take this two species valid for the year 2007 or 2008?
I have been consulting this subjetc with another colegues and I get different opinions about it. Maybe you'll can bring some light on the matter.

What do you think about it?

Daniel M. Puglisi

Ralph Miller escribió:
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