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2007 or 2008?

Mesozoico Web writes:
 > *Dear list:
 > Here I come again with the same subject. I'm writing an article about 
 > the new argentinian dinosaurs taxons published in the year 2008 and I 
 > find a problem with the references about Muyelensaurus pecheni Gonzalez 
 > Riga Calvo and Porfiri, 2008 and Macrogryphosaurus gondwanicus Calvo, 
 > Porfiri and Novas, 2008 that appears in the Arquivos do Museu Nacional 
 > (do Río do Janeiro) 65(4) journal. The problem is that this journal it's 
 > refered to the year 2007 but it really appears avaible to the global 
 > paleontological comunity in 2008. The question is: I've to take this two 
 > species valid for the year 2007 or 2008?
 > I have been consulting this subjetc with another colegues and I get 
 > different opinions about it. Maybe you'll can bring some light on the 
 > matter.
 > What do you think about it?

Definitely not 2007.  I reviewed that paper and I wasn't even sent the
manuscript until February 2008, so it certainly wasn't published in

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