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Re: 2007 or 2008?

Ok. Thank you so much to all.

I didn´t knew that there was a established methodology to cases like this.

So be it.

Just a final question: Someone known the correct date of the real publication of Arquivos do Museu Nacional (do Río do Janeiro) 65(4)?

Daniel M. Puglisi

William_Parker@nps.gov escribió:
Chapter 5, Date of Publication, in the International Code of Zoological
Nomenclature deals with this.

The name is valid for the year in which the name is published in accordance
to Article 7 of the ICZN and not necessarily by the date printed in the
publication.  If the printed date is determined to be incorrect then the
earliest date that the paper is demonstrated to be is existance (as a
published work) is adopted.  Recommendations in the code suggest that if
the author is aware of this difference in date he or she should publish a

Another recommendation involves citing, and I have used this in the past.
Example, Desmatosuchus chamaensis Zeigler, Heckert, Lucas 2003 (imprint
2002).  The bulletin this article appeared in was imprinted 2002 but was
not released to the public until the Spring of 2003.  It is often difficult
to catch these discrepancies unless they are noticed immediately and
documented.  Obviously the date is of extreme importance , especially when
new taxa are erected.


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Mesozoico Web writes: > *Dear list: > > Here I come again with the same subject. I'm writing an article about > the new argentinian dinosaurs taxons published in the year 2008 and I > find a problem with the references about Muyelensaurus pecheni Gonzalez > Riga Calvo and Porfiri, 2008 and Macrogryphosaurus gondwanicus Calvo, > Porfiri and Novas, 2008 that appears in the Arquivos do Museu Nacional > (do Río do Janeiro) 65(4) journal. The problem is that this journal it's

 > refered to the year 2007 but it really appears avaible to the global
 > paleontological comunity in 2008. The question is: I've to take this two

 > species valid for the year 2007 or 2008?
 > I have been consulting this subjetc with another colegues and I get
 > different opinions about it. Maybe you'll can bring some light on the
 > matter.
 > What do you think about it?

Definitely not 2007.  I reviewed that paper and I wasn't even sent the
manuscript until February 2008, so it certainly wasn't published in

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