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Re: Dicynodont-Theropod association

sorry, the skull is illustrated, but not the braincase, many
characters of which are mentioned.

2009/2/3 Augusto Haro <augustoharo@gmail.com>:
> It appears to me from the figures that the "theropod" is really
> something more similar to Postosuchus (a "rauisuchian") than to a
> dinosaur.
> The pointed deltopectoral crest and prominent olecranon resembles
> Postosuchus. The fourth trochanter of the femur is poorly developed,
> unlike most basal dinosaurs. There is an anterior-trochanter-like
> structure, but something similar is also present in Poposaurus. The
> fragmentary jaw as ilustrated, with a rostral breadening, also
> resembles Postosuchus.
> The authors say that the supratemporal fossa extending into the
> frontal resembles dinosaurs more than rauisuchians, but such a
> character state is also present in Postosuchus, according to photos in
> Long and Murry (1995). The basisphenoid sinus the authors mention is
> also present in some "rauisuchians", as Postosuchus (I cannot discuss
> the other neurocranial characters by now). Even if the non-ilustrated
> skull is dinosaurian, as said in the text, it seems to me that the
> appendicular elements are not.