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Mea Culpa Re: Collecting fossils and arrowheads on public lands

In my post below I inadvertently identified Salazar and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar when he is, as the story states, John Salazar of the House of Representatives. My apologies for the lapsus calumni.


Dan Chure wrote:
This may be of interest to those managing fossils on public lands and others. The Omnibus land bill is currently before US Congress. However, some provisions threaten to derail the entire bill. The problematic provisions are:

"...language restricting the recovery of arrowheads, fossils and other historical materials from public lands has deeply divided the House committee entrusted with approving the public-lands bill."

"The provisions would require a permit to remove any fossils from public lands or Indian reservations and could, Salazar said, bar members of the public from searching for arrowheads or other items."

"Nonetheless, he (Secretary of the Interior) said he is sure a “commonsense” solution or compromise can be worked out soon."

More about this can be read at:




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