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RE: Burrowing/hibernating mammals have lower extinction risk

Quoting Dino Guy Ralph <dinoguy@sbcglobal.net>:

> Dann Pigdon writes:
> "I have a hard time envisaging burrow-dwelling 
> Ratites..."
> What about kiwis?  Aren't kiwis nocturnal ratites that nest in burrows?

Yeah - I thought of kiwis just after hitting the 'send' button. :)

They tend to be ratite weirdos though, and I don't know if they spend time in 
burrows outside of 
the breeding season. It seems that most birds that use burrows tend to only use 
them for 
breeding. Burrowing owls in South America might be an exception (or they might 
not - I know little 
about them).

Birds the size of emus or ostriches might have had a hard time finding suitable 
burrows. Unless of 
course all modern ratites are descended from a smaller burrowing form?


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