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Re: Burrowing/hibernating mammals have lower extinction risk

Clint Boyd wrote:

> Understood Tim.  I agree, it is fun to speculate on these
> things. I just
> wanted to point out that "fully" fossorial
> behavior can only really be
> hypothesized for one taxon right now.

Yep - can't argue with that Clint.  _Zephyrosaurus_ and _Orodromeus_ show some 
characters to suggest that they *might* be diggers: "Although associated 
burrows are currently unknown for _Zephyrosaurus_ and _Orodromeus_, the 
skeletal features shared by all the three Montana hypsilophodonts suggest that 
the clade may have been specialized for digging." (Varricchio et al., 2007).

> I also wanted to vent about the Drinker material. This
> stuff is "supposed"
> to have lots of cool and interesting stuff about it, but
> its like a magic
> trick where we're all supposed to believe without
> seeing how its done.  :)

Hey, vent away!  :-)  But I think you're being a little fastidious by insisting 
that people show you actual DATA in support of their claims.  Me, I just 
believe everything I'm told.