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Re: Huge Freakin' Snake!

Quoting Augusto Haro <augustoharo@gmail.com>:

> Ok., boids are slower than most other snakes. It may be partially for
> their locomotion, walking by moving scale per scale, instead of the
> lateral ondulation of most other, faster caenophidians. But that does
> not seem to mean that all movements of the snake will be slow, as you
> say in your second message on the velocity of boids to coil around
> their foes.

Here's what happens when a powerful and agile endotherm (in this case a Jaguar) 
decides to take 
on a large ectotherm (an anaconda):


The snake easily outweighs the jaguar, yet it's far too concerned about trying 
to escape to make 
any serious attempt at throwing some coils around it's attacker.

Is it usual to see a male jaguar catching prey to feed it's partner and cub? 
Mrs jaguar even helps 
out towards the end (although after the black male has done most of the 
dangerous work).


Dann Pigdon
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