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Re: Dinosaur Art Show at Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut

In a message dated 2/6/2009 2:37:23 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
marksabercat@yahoo.com writes:
<< Hi Ralph, I got an "out of date"  popup when I clicked on your highlighted 
link just now- is there any other way I  can see the exhibition promotion? My 
friend and fellow paleoartist John Sibbick  (who has work in the 
show)recently told me about it, and I was rather  disappointed that no one 
contacted other paleoartists, (including  myself) to submit work. >>

Try this:       http://www.brucemuseum.org/exhibitions/exhibit.php?exhibit=120

And the proper term is "Restoration", not "Reconstruction". Skeletons you  
reconstruct, living extinct animals you restore. W. E. Swinton defined that a  
long time ago. DV

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