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RE: Bird found using a lure to catch fish.


Your 3rd URL brings up a web page with the following passage:

Subaraj further added: "David Attenborough's film crew was keen to film this
(the little heron catching fish with bread bait at Singapore Botanic
Gardens) a few years ago and contacted me but unfortunately the Bird Park's
lake was undergoing renovation then and it was not possible."

Sir David Attenborough refers to Japan's green-backed heron using this
technique -- and using feathers as lures as well -- on pages 123-124 of his
book, _The Life of Birds_.  The documentary, "The Life of Birds," doesn't
present this behavior, but it does demonstrate a similar technique -- the
little egret shaking its yellow feet in the water to attract fish -- and the
companion book remarks on this technique on page 124.  Could this be the
footage you are thinking of?   
Ralph W. Miller III
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If I'm recollecting true memory, once I watched a documentary on TV
about birds - I think that it was with sir Attenborough - and there
was a heron fishing with bread baits.




Roberto Takata