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New European iguanodontian taxa

In the Meeting "Tribute to Charles Darwin and Bernissart Iguanodons: New perspectives on Vertebrate Evolution and Early Cretaceous Ecosystems" (http://www.naturalsciences.be/science/colloquia) David B. Norman gave a plenary lecture entitled "Iguanodontians from the Wealden of Britain and Europe". The abstract is here:


Two Spanish dinosaur-related blogs, Aragosaurus and Godzillin, make comments on the meeting and the lecture of Norman (and also on the absence in the meeting of Gregory Paul):



As Aragosaurus tells, in the talk three new iguanodontian genera, for another three species previously assigned to Iguanodon, were proposed: Durlstonia, Hypsispinus and Barilium. These new genera are still unpublished. Also, according to Norman, Mantellisaurus is a valid genus but Dollodon is not valid.

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