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Re: How to cite a Sankoff/step matrix character?

Do you happen to have the pdf file?

Strange that there's no link to it from the HTML version, but there is one from the archives:

I agree the matrix has to be stated somewhere, just did not know where
or in which way for few states (as a table, or, uglier, described).

A table is the obvious way, and where the table is put is a layout decision that the journal makes for you...

By the way, for continous characters such as your characters 20 and
40, TNT now enables you to employ up to 50,000 states, and to use
ranges for species with many exemplars. TNT is free now.

Last time I checked, it had some annoying lack of a feature, but I forgot what that was...

(And we had less than 32 taxa anyway :-) )