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Giant, meat-eating raptor dinosaur discovered in Argentina


Photo: Paleontologist Fernando Novas shows a replica of the dinosaur
Austroraptor cabazai at the Argentine Museum of Natural Science Bernardino
Rivadavia in Buenos Aires on December 17, 2008
Photograph by: Juan Mabromata, AFP/Getty Images

BUENOS AIRES - The fossils of a newly discovered, meat-eating raptor
dinosaur, one of the biggest and perhaps most recent to live in Argentina's
Patagonia region 70 million years ago, were presented Wednesday at a Buenos
Aires museum.

The fossils of the dinosaur named "Austroraptor cabazai" were found at Bajo
de Santa Rosa, in Rio Negro province, which has already yielded several
species of herbivore dinosaurs, during paleontological digs funded by the US
National Geographic Society.

Measuring five meters (16 feet) in length with ...