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Re: Fwd: Heavy breathing in pterosaurs

Augusto Haro wrote:

> Well, Wedel (do not remember the actual publication)
> speculated that the system of air sacs may be present in the common
> ornithodiran ancestor even when we do not find them in ornithichians,
> many "prosauropods", and that the presence of the air sac system
> is a possibility even when there is not evidence of bone
> pneumaticity.

Wedel (2009; Fig. 1): "It is possible that an air sac system is primitive for 
Ornithodira, but the total absence of PSP [postcranial skeletal pneumaticity] 
in Ornithischia, a diverse and long-lived clade, is problematic"

Wedel M.J. (2009). Evidence for bird-like air sacs in saurischian
dinosaurs. J. Exp. Zool. 311A.

> In addition to poposaurs, Gower said (again, don't remember the year)
> that there may be evidence of pneumaticity in the non-archosaurian
> Erythrosuchus, so it seems that pneumaticity (do not know if that of
> air sacs) is very homoplastic in Archosauriformes.

You're thinking of:

Gower D.J. (2001). Possible postcranial pneumaticity in the last common 
ancestor of birds and crocodilians: evidence from _Erythrosuchus_ and other 
Mesozoic archosaurs.  Naturwissenschaften 88: 119â122.