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Re: Madea Goes to New Papers

turtles (cryptodires: Chelydroidea,
Kallokibotionidae, Solemydidae; pleurodires: Bothremydidae, Dortokidae),

*Kallokibotion* is most likely a stem-turtle, as shown by the most recent turtle phylogenies.

Only Abelisauroidea, Madtsoiidae and Bothremydidae (and, yet for
confirming, Sebecosuchia) provide evidence of interchanges between
Africa and Europe.

Yes, *Doratodon* is a sebecosuchian. I'll sometime copy the abstract from the congress 2 weeks ago.

A Laurasian influence is evidenced by the presence of Velociraptorinae

Not even close. All dromaeosaurids sensu lato that don't have dromaeosaurine teeth, and that could be a clade considerably smaller than Dromaeosaurinae itself, have velociraptorine teeth.