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Re: Long-necked stegosaur coming out in Proceedings B

> I've only ever seen this proposed in Jurassic Park (the book)

True, I think it was precisely in the "Lost World", with Levine
explaining that to R.B.

> immediately attributed it to Crichton not thinking things through, or of
> course not knowing most of said things in the first place. *Giraffatitan*
> and similar sauropods, as well as all the "euhelopodids", had long necks and
> rather short tails (even *Omeisaurus* and *Shunosaurus* with their tail
> clubs); apart from the two just mentioned ones, only Flagellicaudata had
> adaptations to waving their tails around, and of those, one half
> (Dicraeosauridae) had remarkably short, not long, necks for sauropod
> standards.

True. Also, in quadrupeds the need for balance is not between the mass
caudal to the pes contact on floor and the mass cranial to the manus
contact on floor. If the segment cranial to the pes contact weights
more than that caudal to the contact (mostly tail), the animal will
logically not fall "tailwards", and if the segment cranial to the
manus contact (mostly neck and head) is not heavier than the mass
caudal the same contact on the floor, it will logically not fall