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Re: Long-necked stegosaur coming out in Proceedings B

Zach Armstrong wrote:

> The drawing I believe you are talking about can
> be found here, completed:
> Since this drawing was uploaded nearly a year ago,
> I'm not sure why the incomplete drawing is used.  I
> was wondering the same thing as you, but apparently
> the completed drawing is found in some of the other
> news articles.

Hm! I actually prefer the unfinished piece! It's probably because I come
from a Milton Glaser - late 60s - early 70s - graphic arts background. I
love the flat colors, simplified shapes, and finished subject grading back
to pencil sketch (a possible solution for fauna types that might be less
completely known). It totally works for me (she said, sweating over
minutia with a #0 brush on a 4' x 7' canvas).

-- Donna Braginetz