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Mesozoic Paleogeographic Placenames

Hello and Happy New Year,

I've started to create a number of paleo-world maps of the Mesozoic world.
What I need are placenames given to landmasses and bodies of water for each
of the periods/stages.

Example:  Sundance Sea / Arctic to mid-North America / middle Jurassic
          Zealandia / now about 93% submerged sub-continent of which modern
New Zealand is its remnent / 130-23 mya
          Sonomia and Stikinia / volcanic terranes welded on to western
North America / late Triassic to late Paleocene
          Mississippi embayment / Cretaceous basin / southern coastal United

Looking for names of deserts and mountainous areas and names given to
river/deltaic systems. A bibliographic of the article first naming it would
be also very helpful.

Any names will help, especially those confine to a specific age.

Thank in advance,

John Schneiderman