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Re: Mesozoic Paleogeographic Placenames

If you need paleogeographic details about the regions in and around the Tethys Ocean (OK, it is not in your request and probably you do not care about it), you should look at the following maps and explanatory notes. They are not perfect, but they based on actual data.

Dercourt, J., L. E. Ricou, and B. Vrielynck (eds.). 1993. Atlas Tethys Palaeoenvironmental Maps. 307 pp., and 14 maps. BEICIP-FRANLAB, Rueil-Malmaison, Gauthier-Villar, Paris.

Dercourt, J., M. Gaetani, B. Vrielynck, E. Barrier, B. Biju-Duval, M.F. Brunet, J. P. Cadet, S. Crasquin and M. Sandulescu (eds.). 2000. Atlas Peri-Tethys, Palaeogeographical Maps. Explanatory notes, I-XX + 269 pp., and 24 maps. Paris: CCGM/CGMW.



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Subject: Mesozoic Paleogeographic Placenames

Hello and Happy New Year,

I've started to create a number of paleo-world maps of the Mesozoic world.
What I need are placenames given to landmasses and bodies of water for each
of the periods/stages.

Example: Sundance Sea / Arctic to mid-North America / middle Jurassic
Zealandia / now about 93% submerged sub-continent of which modern
New Zealand is its remnent / 130-23 mya
Sonomia and Stikinia / volcanic terranes welded on to western
North America / late Triassic to late Paleocene
Mississippi embayment / Cretaceous basin / southern coastal United

Looking for names of deserts and mountainous areas and names given to
river/deltaic systems. A bibliographic of the article first naming it would
be also very helpful.

Any names will help, especially those confine to a specific age.

Thank in advance,

John Schneiderman


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