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Re: SV: emu invasion

Quoting Tommy Tyrberg <tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com>:

> Emus back in Oz survive predation by dingoes and presumably by
> thylacines, Sarcophilus and Thylacoleo in the past. Coyotes probably
> aren't that much more efficient predators than dingoes.

Not to mention at least 50,000 years of human predation as well.

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> Ämne: emu invasion
> Not sure if this is news to anyone...but emus--escaped or released from
> failing farms--are making it in the wilds of Texas (at least). In the
> cross timbers and prairies region, emus are successfully reproducing and
> feeding on native plants, crops, and invertebrates. I would have
> predicted that success would be limited due to predation on eggs and
> chicks by (at the very least) coyotes. Superior continental predators
> seem to letting the team down.
> I have the reference if needed.


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