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citation of Cuvier's (1825) volume of "Recherches sur les ossements fossiles"

Augusto Haro writes:
 > Hi, can somebody tell me the number of pages of the volume 5 of the
 > third edition (1825) of Cuvier's "Recherches sur les ossements
 > fossiles"? I would also need to know the number of pages in the first
 > sections, as preface, subject index, etc. It's for citation purposes,
 > I got some excerpts but not the entire book.
 > Thank you very much

Here's what I have:

    - parsename: G. Cuvier
  year: 1825
  title: Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles: où l'on rétablit les charactères 
de plusieurs animaux dont les révolutions du globe ont détruit les espèces
  translated-title: Researches on Fossil Bones ...
  volume: 5
  issue: 2
  publisher: G. Dulour et E. d'Ocagne, Libraires
  published-at: Paris
  npages: 547

Hope it helps.

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