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Re: How to Keep Dinosaurs

I hadn't hear of it before, but it sounds perfect for reading with my 9 year old son. (Yeah, with my son. Really. It's for the kids. <g>)

When I looked online for it, I found what seem to be two different editions (based on the sites' differing displays of the cover), and no one with a new copy in-stock.

Is it available from an online store?



Ian Paulsen wrote:
 I came across this book being remaindered: How To Keep Dinosaurs by
Robert Mash (with foreward by Richard Dawkins). It's a funny book about
keeping dinos as pets. My favorite photo is of Deinonychus playing poker
with the caption: Deinonychus will only play Poker for high steaks ( note
spelling). Has anyone else seen this book and if so, what do you think of

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