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Palaeoart commissions

Dear all,

I've been asked to draw a large palaeoenvironmental reconstruction for
my university and, hip-hip-hooray, they've even offered to pay me some
money in exchange for my time. Problem is, no-one has ever paid me to
draw an image before and they want quotes: does anyone out there in
Palaeoland have an idea what the going rate is for a palaeoart
commission nowadays? The project is quite large with at least an
A2-sized sketch before being painted digitally: I reckon they'll be at
least 40 hours worth of work poured into it. At British minimum wage,
that's about £224 - is that too little? Too much? Anyone commissioned an
image recently and know how much their artist was paid? Any artists
willing to share their fee for creating a standerd, one-off image? 

Ta very much,



Dr. Mark Witton

Palaeobiology Research Group
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Portsmouth
Burnaby Building
Burnaby Road

Tel: (44)2392 842418
E-mail: Mark.Witton@port.ac.uk