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Re: Palaeoart commissions

Why work for minimum wage when what they are hiring you for is expertise? How big is the digital painting to be? Are you doing the painting as well as the drawing?
In America the standard low end for a paleoartist producing a digital mural involving 40 hrs. of work, which is what it sounds like you are producing would be $1400.
Tess Kissinger
On Jan 12, 2009, at 10:26 AM, Mark Witton wrote:

Dear all,

I've been asked to draw a large palaeoenvironmental reconstruction for
my university and, hip-hip-hooray, they've even offered to pay me some
money in exchange for my time. Problem is, no-one has ever paid me to
draw an image before and they want quotes: does anyone out there in
Palaeoland have an idea what the going rate is for a palaeoart
commission nowadays? The project is quite large with at least an
A2-sized sketch before being painted digitally: I reckon they'll be at
least 40 hours worth of work poured into it. At British minimum wage,
that's about £224 - is that too little? Too much? Anyone commissioned an
image recently and know how much their artist was paid? Any artists
willing to share their fee for creating a standerd, one-off image?

Ta very much,



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