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Re: Ceratonykus oculatus

Alifanov, V.R. and Barsbold, R. (2009). _Ceratonykus oculatus_ gen. et sp. 
nov., a new dinosaur (?Theropoda, Alvarezsauria) from the Late Cretaceous of 
Mongolia.  Paleontol. Zh. (Russ.) 2009, 1: 86â99.

Abstract: "A new dinosaur, _Ceratonykus oculatus_ gen. et sp. nov. 
(Parvicursoridae, Alvarezsauria), from the Upper Cretaceous (Baruungoyot 
Formation) of Mongolia is described based on a fragmentary skeleton.  It 
differs from other alvarezsaurians in many characters, including the short 
femora, long tarsometatarsals, and considerably reduced third metatarsals.  The 
carpometacarpals contain spikelike bones.  The natural endocast of the new 
taxon shows large acoustic tubercles, the ventral position of the optic lobes 
in the midbrain, and the absence of a vertical flexure at the brain floor. The 
data obtained cast doubt on the taxonomic position of alvarezsaurians in the 

The last sentence can be taken with a grain of salt; but it would be 
interesting to know the rationale behind their claim.  It doesn't appear to be 
"alvarezsaurs-are-birds/birds-are-not-dinosaurs" boilerplate (the title implies 
that the authors believe them to be dinosaurs, at least).  Most of the paper is 
in Russian, although the classification is in English (family Parvicursoridae, 
subfamily Mononykinae).