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Re: pteros have lift-off

Actually, we did it for the TMM replica by the rather unscientific method of averaging the allometric lengths of the humerus and r/u, which gave us a number on the approximate order of 2.05. One of the reasons that we've continually reiterated that that replica is intended for viewing, not scientific research. So, no -- it wasn't isometric, though 2.05 is within 5%. The Qn torso depth ratio is different -- it is controlled by the dp ratio due to the precise relationship between the dp crest and the coracoid flange. Remember that with the exclusion of the wing, I was the one who generated the long bone dimensions used to construct the missing bits of the TMM replica, so whether they're right or wrong -- I know exactly how they were developed.

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I'll bet you a beer determining torso length in Q. northropi from Q. sp. is essentially isometric, multiplying within 5% of exactly isometric. Which is negligible.