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Re: Two Mysterious Tyrannosauroids

Adam Pritchard wrote:

<One section of the "casts" catalogue for WPL features a very small, very 
interesting looking tyrannosauroid skeleton 
(http://www.westernpaleolabs.com/catalog2.html at the bottom of the page).  
Though the picture is pretty small, the skeleton bears some distinct 
resemblances to another specimen that was in the prep lab at the NAMAL as well 
(under the name "Huntersaurus".)  Does anyone know anything about this mystery 

  Based almost solely on the applied provenance of the specimen, and the ratio 
of humerus to femur, it reminds me only of *Shanshanosaurus*, which is almost 
certainly a juvenile, and may (likely is) a synonym of *Tarbosaurus*.



Jaime A. Headden

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

> I also ran across an interesting discovery being promoted
> by another private company (CK Preparations).  At the
> following website
> (http://www.paleoincidentproject.com/pipexcavation.html),
> there is a brief discussion on and extensive images of the
> excavation of a tyrannosauroid discovered in very close
> association with a ceratopsid.  Their website has not been
> updated for months, though they claim that they will soon be
> inviting professional paleontologists to assist them in
> their study of the find.  I am skeptical of their naming the
> discovery "The Dueling Dinosaurs", but the find
> looks quite interesting.  Has anyone heard of this find
> either? Incidentally, the CK Prep discoveries list also
> features a purported second skull of Dracorex.
> Adam Pritchard
> acp002@mcdaniel.edu