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Re: New ankylosaurid: Minotaurasaurus ramachandrani

Dan Chure wrote:

> As a further note, although I do not wish to raise too much hubbub, was 
> that the material was purchased from a dealer, apparently from the
> Gobi, and if this is anthing related to *Saichania* or it IS 
> *Saichania*, then it's from Mongolia (or China) 

Invoking the same non-hubbub-raising caveat as Dan... based on the contained 
references, the authors compared the specimen with _Pinacosaurus grangeri_, but 
NOT _P. mephistocephalus_.   

David Marjanovic wrote:

> So the Minotaurus now has a female counterpart?

I don't think the Minotaur ever married.  Or even dated, for that matter.  
Being cooped up in the Labyrinth tended to cramp his style.

But you're correct from an etymological standpoint: the name should be 
_Minotaurosaurus_ (Gk (masc) Minotauros/Minotaurus).

Speaking of etymology, this is what the paper says:

"Etymology. The gerenic [sic] name means âmanâbull reptileâ, in Latin, in 
reference to the bull-like appearance of the skull, similar to the Minotaur of 
Greek mythology."

Although the allusion is clear, "Minotaur" literally means "Minos' bull", not 
"man-bull".  Minos was the name of a mythical king of Crete, and the stepfather 
of the Minotaur (whose personal name was Asterion), Minos' wife being the human 
mother of the Minotaur.