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Re: Two Mysterious Tyrannosauroids

If this animal really is the "Huntersaurus" from the NAMAL prep lab, my photos 
indicate that has at least most of the left half of the skull, a complete right 
dentary, pieces of surangular/angular?, a decent cervical series (at least 
eight verts in my photo), a scapulacoracoid, a humerus, and a radius and ulna.  
Unfortunately, my photograph is not at all of good quality and the angle of the 
shot is pretty bad.  Still, if anyone would like the jpeg, I can send it to 
them.  Whether it's the mini-tyrannosaur from WPL's catalogue or not, 
"Huntersaurus" looks pretty cool!


Adam Pritchard

<The claim is that it is from the Early Cretaceous ("~120 mya"), so it is
unlikely that it is from the Nemegt. Furthermore, as reconstructed it seems
to have three digits per manus. However, who knows a) what the stratigraphic
provenance REALLY is and b) how complete the specimen really is.>

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