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RE: Two Mysterious Tyrannosauroids

Small basal tyrannosauroid from central Asia with a tridactyl manus?  This make 
anyone else think of "Tonouchisaurus"?
Of course, "Tonouchisaurus" is from actual Mongolia, not Inner Mongolia 
(China), but who knows.
Mickey Mortimer

Join me

> Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 14:16:05 -0500
> From: acp002@mcdaniel.edu
> Subject: Two Mysterious Tyrannosauroids
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> The article describing Minotaurasaurus mentions that its authors work for 
> Western Paleontological Laboratories. I checked out their website, and WPL 
> has some interesting specimens in its cast catalogue, including quite a few 
> animals that I recognize from the window of the preparation lab at the North 
> American Museum of Ancient Life in Utah. I recall seeing the Minotaurasaurus 
> skull being worked on in that lab about three years ago in 2005. At the time, 
> it was already labeled as "Minotaurasaurus."
> One section of the "casts" catalogue for WPL features a very small, very 
> interesting looking tyrannosauroid skeleton 
> (http://www.westernpaleolabs.com/catalog2.html at the bottom of the page). 
> Though the picture is pretty small, the skeleton bears some distinct 
> resemblances to another specimen that was in the prep lab at the NAMAL as 
> well (under the name "Huntersaurus".) Does anyone know anything about this 
> mystery beast? 
> I also ran across an interesting discovery being promoted by another private 
> company (CK Preparations). At the following website 
> (http://www.paleoincidentproject.com/pipexcavation.html), there is a brief 
> discussion on and extensive images of the excavation of a tyrannosauroid 
> discovered in very close association with a ceratopsid. Their website has not 
> been updated for months, though they claim that they will soon be inviting 
> professional paleontologists to assist them in their study of the find. I am 
> skeptical of their naming the discovery "The Dueling Dinosaurs", but the find 
> looks quite interesting. Has anyone heard of this find either? Incidentally, 
> the CK Prep discoveries list also features a purported second skull of 
> Dracorex.
> Adam Pritchard
> acp002@mcdaniel.edu